Senin, 28 Februari 2011


Giving People Better Functioning Feet
By: Jonathan Wickham
Feet come in all shapes and sizes. Being essential to balance and posture the foot is often overlooked as needing to be cared for. Through ...

Kicking Off Shoes and Going Barefoot
By: Jonathan Wickham
Feet that are swollen and damaged are often hidden from the world. But through the work of a podiatrist women and rediscovering open toed sandals ...

Treating Afflictions of Abnormal Bone Growths
By: Maria Shivers
Sesamoid bones are small independent bones developed in tendons passing through joints like knee caps etc. Sesamoiditis is a disease caused by its inflammation.

An Intro to Post Tib Tendonitis
By: Maria Shivers
Post tib tendonitis with a full name of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis is a disorder affecting the ankle on the inside. In fact the tendons are ...